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Board of Trustees Discuss Future of a Katy ISD Virtual High School

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The results are in! A survey was conducted by the district’s Trustees, to gauge the interest for the Katy ISD Virtual High School (VHS). 

The trustees administered the survey via K12 Insight, which sent out 37,469 survey invitations. They received 1,238 responses from parents who were interested in their child going to a stand-alone virtual high school, for the next school year. 

Of the entire population of Katy ISD students, there are over 26,000 that would be eligible to attend the VHS next school year, should the VHS program continue. 

Ken Gregorski (Superintendent of Schools for Katy ISD) said that he is confident in the Katy Virtual School model, and its ability to provide a great education to students and families who prefer a virtual learning method, moving forward. 

Parents who responded to the survey also expressed interested in Katy ISD Virtual Learning for this coming fall for a number of reasons, including: 

  • Health and safety concerns associated with returning to school in person. 
  • A better learning experience through online classes. 
  • A less stressful learning environment for their kids. 

The Board is still reviewing this information, in consideration of continuing Katy ISD’s virtual learning program.